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Ranch Hand Legend and Lore

Gulf Coast Truck Outfitters is starting a unique blog discussing how the Ranch Hand Legend Grille Guards and Front Bumper Replacements have protected customers’ trucks and vehicles. This is our first legend: Brazoria County is home to Texas bayous and wide open spaces teeming with multiple bird species, red fish, and various other game animals as well as the notorious wild hog.

Within this cornucopia of untamed wilderness a local man named Mr. Woods, a legend in his own right, has made his living breeding and raising White Tail deer. One evening, after Mr. Woods had finished a long and exhausting day of caretaking of his herd, he was trying to get home before he fell asleep. The trip started as usual with this daily drive. The familiar whine of mud terrain tires against blacktop and the distinctive hum of his Chevy Duramax diesel engine moved him down the road headed toward home. Out here in the Brazoria County backwoods as the sun dips below the horizon the country roads get as black as an old iron skillet. Headlights seemingly only illuminate the bright yellow center line of the road which buzzes past stripe by stripe. For this reason it came as quite a surprise to Mr. Woods when out of the darkness emerged a large group of wild hogs congregated directly in the middle of the road! Like any red-blooded, animal loving man he asked himself one question, “Swerve and risk hitting the ditch which inevitably results in a complete somersault and total demolition of his beloved truck? Or put the hammer down on the Duramax and let his Made in the USA, Ranch Hand Legend Front Bumper do what it’s made to do?” Well, in a split second he made the only decision he could make while still being invited to his buddies backyard barbecues. He was going to head straight at them! It was the Ranch Hand Legend front bumper vs. the Texas wild pig. Like Bo and Luke Duke, Mr. Woods throttled up and hammered down as he put his Legend on a crash course with a few hundred pounds of bacon. After quite a few ear piercing squeals and a cloud of mangy fur filled the night the truck came out on the other side and was running just fine. No tell tale signs of front end collision damage like smoke or leaking fluid were present at all. In fact all that was out of the ordinary at first glance was just a few lumps of ham in the road. Just to be sure, Mr. Woods decided he better check a little closer for damage. As the Legend has it: The only notable after effect from the bacon vs. bug buster was a bunch of hair in the grille guard and a small dent on the lower left portion of the bumper where he says, “The big one hit.”

Travel around the backwoods of America and you will find this type of “Legend” is told over and over again when referring to the front end protection of a Ranch Hand Legend Front Bumper. These types of stories are what keep customers buying Ranch Hand Bumpers again and again. It is simply Legendary Protection from a Legendary Bumper. Get your peace of mind here. If you have a story of your own to share, submit it here. We’ll post it to grow the “Legend.”

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